Intercom System Quick Start Guide

Intercom Quick Start Guide


1. Intercoms in each system must be set to the same frequency using the digital code switch (1, 2, or 3) on the back (next to the micro USB power connector).

2. Intercom station in a system must each be set to same or different channels (1 thru 6, and 0) using the keypad buttons.

3. Stations can be used to either talk or listen; however, one cannot talk and listen simultaneously.

4. The “Monitor” “VOX” button sets the station to constantly monitor by other stations on the same code and same channel for 10hours.It also has Voice Activated Exchange “VOX”. When (VOX) is set it will only transmit. The microphone is sound activated on and the station will not receive. See “VOX”in “Note” section below.
Step 1: Plug the intercom into power outlet using the AC adapter or 5V USB port.

Step 2: Make sure all the intercoms, to be connected, digital code switches are set to the same code,(default is #1).

Step 3: Each intercom station must be set to a channel. Set each intercom’s station channel by pressing and holding one of the 7 channel buttons for 5 seconds until you hear the BEEP.You have successfully set the channel when the channelbutton lights. (default is #1)
CALL:      Select the channel button you want to communicate with and press “CALL”. After 1minute no usage and the operating channel will return automatically to the home channel.
TALK:     Press and hold “TALK” to talk. Release the “TALK” after finished talking to listen for response.
MONITOR: Press “MONITOR”, this intercom will be monitored for 10 hours by other intercoms set on  the same code and same channel. it is one-way communication. Press any key to release  the monitor mode.
VOX:      Press and hold the “MONITOR” button for more than 5 seconds until you hear the BEEP, the unit enter “VOX” mode.To cancel by pressing the  “MONITOR” Monitor button again.

(100% voice-activated and be heard by other intercoms set on the same code and same channel. and work constantly until canceled. it requires the voice higher than 30DB and the distance need less than 30cm).
GROUP:   Press and hold “GROUP” button can talk to all of the intercoms.
Volume:   Press “VOL -” to reduce or/“ VOL +” to increase the volume.
1)、If the intercoms do not work, please insure the units are the same code and the same channel as in step 2 above.
2)、Digital Code: If your experiencing interference switch all units to a different CTCSS code.